Apr 28th

Starting in 48 hours, we will be upgrading our servers VPS to the newest platform. The upgrade requires downtime and is an essential migration. Between Apr 29 2020 and May 02 2020 from 8 p.m. - 6 a.m. EST/PST, based on timezone, the migration to the new platform will begin. Why are we doing this? The upgrade offers many benefits such as safer and ... Read More »

Sep 8th Hurricane Irma update

Due to the threat of Hurricane Irma to the state of Florida, Argon Hosting Support services will be closed Sunday September 10 and Monday September 11. If you need assistance during this time please open a support ticket and we will answer as quickly as we can.

May 12th Server maintenance

We are continuing with our server maintenance today to install some new hardware.  You may notice your websites going through intermittent periods of slow time.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Shannon Cox

May 5th Internet Backbone issue

As many of you already know, there was an issue yesterday with the backbone service provider that provides access to the internet for our datacenter.  This took most if not all of the datacenters servers offline while this issue was being corrected.I apologize for the downtime and wish I could do more for this issue but it is simply out of our ... Read More »

Mar 15th Argon Hosting down for maintenance

Sorry for the downtime today for www.argonhosting.com.  I was in the midst of a few upgrades to the system today and needed to take www.argonhosting.com offline for a bit this afternoon to perform the work.  You may have notice a Maintenance Mode or Can't connect, that was just me. Everything should be back online and you should be able to ... Read More »

Mar 14th PHP Upgrades tonight 3-14-2017

Hi everyone,To let everyone know, there will be an upgrade to the versions of PHP tonight to bring all the versions (5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0) up to the latest versions including the modules within those versions of PHP.The recompile will take place tonight at 11pm EST and should only take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.If you have any ... Read More »

Feb 6th Support Ticket System

Hello Everyone,I am experiencing some issues with the ability for you to send emails directly to support@argonhosting.com.  I have made some changes to this delivery mechanism and the support ticket system is rejecting this change.If you need support services, please login to your account at http://www.argonhosting.com and submit your ticket as ... Read More »

Oct 6th Hurricane Matthew Status

As we prepare here in Central Florida, I wanted to put a quick note out to everyone that your hosting accounts and domains are safe.  Many years ago I made the decision not to keep our servers located in the Florida region.Rest assured, your web properties will remain online during this Storm.In the event you need support, please have patience as ... Read More »

Aug 26th Network Outage

Earlier this afternoon our datacenter experienced a connectivity outage. That outage has been resolved as of this posting. Our network operations team is investigating further to ensure it does not happen again.

Aug 16th Saying Goodbye to our 800#

Hello everyone.With the way phone systems work today and the lack of long distance charges, we are going to say goodbye to our 1-888-279-8621 number.   When I started the company, this was a necessary evil to have.  Thank goodness for competition and lower phone rates and more importantly no long distance in the USA.  Maybe some of you have it, ... Read More »